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When We Say We'll Market Your Home Like Crazy, We Mean It!

Our marketing will blow your mind...seriously.

We Know What Sells Homes

1. Preparing

3. Active vs Passive Marketing

2. Positioning

4. Contract Screening, Negotiating, and Managing

Our Proven Track Record

Our sellers earn more money on their homes because our marketing increases competing offer potential

Our Sold Listings

Here is a map showing our sold listings around the metroplex to prove our expertise.

Keller Williams Southlake - Highest Selling Office in Metroplex

Immediate exposure to over 600 agents working with potential buyer. Work with agents providing proven results

Preparing - The Wow Factor

Studies have proven time and time again that professional staged homes sell in less time and for more money.

We provide you with a FREE consult with a professional stager who will outline recommendations to best to stage the home. We want to ensure buyers can picture themselves living in your home.

*Ask me about return on investment*

Here's Exactly What Marketing We'll Do For You






A Picture is Worth a Thousand...Dollars

If someone isn't immediately attracted to the first or second photo of your home, there's a good chance they'll move on. Professional photography will generate interest and excitement. I like to think of it as your "first impression" and first impressions matter. I'll do a full HD photoshoot of your home plus drone photography.


In This Market...Video is KING

A lot of buyers are looking for a home that can feel warm and safe. If they are purchasing from out of state, you can imagine how difficult coordinating a viewing can be, depending on where they're coming from. That's why I professionally video your home. That way, anyone, anywhere can experience how incredible your home is from the comfort of their very own home.


Make Buyers Fall in Love

Our marketing plan for selling homes is proactive, aggressive, and above all, results-driven. We're here to make home buyers fall in love with your home and it all starts with that first impression.

1. Attract potential home buyers with high impact visuals

2. Trade information vs giving it away

3. Identify and know your potential buyer

4. Buyers instant gratification

Building The Buzz

We build the buzz by reaching out to our active, engaged buyer database of about 2,000-3000 people. 

The picture to the left is an example of the first email in the Building the Buzz campaign.

We Go Where the People Are

Here are the most popular social networks worldwide as of October 2019, ranked by number of active users (in millions)

Huge Digital Presence

How do we attract potential buyers? Facebook, Google, Re-marketing, Instagram, Youtube, and Email Marketing. 

We'll advertise your home on Facebook to reach 10,000+ people. This strategy helps engage buyers in a compelling way. 

We are able to generate 400-800 buyer contacts in just 4 days. We capture a verified name and through Google and Facebook logins. We also capture phone numbers

Facebook rates all of our Facebook ads with a relevancy score of 10/10, which is very hard to do in any industry.

Facebook Retargeting

On Facebook, we will retarget anyone who looked at a picture of your listing on the Facebook ad, liked the ad, interacted or engaged with the ad, or commented on the ad. The retargeting ad and a retargeting video of the video walkthrough of your home will follow them everywhere!

Google Retargeting

Through Google Ads, we will retarget anyone who viewed your listing on our website so that buyers will continually see your listing online through any website that shows Google ads (there are a lot!)

YouTube Advertising

Think of Youtube as the new TV for today's day and age.

Youtube is an under utilized platform, because it's tricky to learn how to advertise properly. 

16. We partnered with the best.

Through our exclusive agreement with an award winning marketing company, one of Inc's 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America, we get access to the industry's best advertising tactics, email marketing tools, and a state-of-the-art website to beautifully showcase your home online.

Custom Luxury Page

We will create a custom property and landing page for your home on our website.

Click here for an example page.


We Have a 24/7 Follow Up System in Place

Even though it's not technically considered marketing, I know what you're thinking. We do all these amazing things for your home, but then what? Don't worry.  I know how important it is to get a fast response, especially when a prospective buyer is interested in a property. That's why prospects will get a response via text or email within 3 minutes of submitting an inquiry plus personalized followup thereafter. We'll never miss a beat.

The Results Of Our Marketing

What Other Agents Do

Extended Reach Through Facebook

We can reach buyers relocating to the area and help sellers find a new home anywhere is the United States.

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