Screening and Negotiating

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1. Screening and Negotiating

1. Screening Buyers

3. Screening Contracts

2. Screening Lenders

4. Negotiating and Managing the Contract

2. Screening Buyers

Their motivation, what they see as competing properties, and what they have to offer.

3. Screening Lenders

This can be the industry’s biggest challenge. Bad lender can create brain damage.

4. Screening Contracts

Extensive process to take apart the offer before we call you to discuss the terms and help you make the best choice.

5. Negotiating and Managing the Contract


We aggressively negotiate with your interest in mind to protect your equity as if it was our own.


We can negotiate effectively because of the info we gained about the buyer. Sometimes contracts are re-negotiated up to 3 times.

In the Middle

Sometimes sellers and buyers aren’t happy with each other. We stay in between to help smooth out the seas after closing.


The confidence creating in working with our negotiator has helped bring the same seller back to us to sell 10 houses!

6. Keller Mortgage

Gain access to ZeroPlus by Keller Mortgage for you and for your buyer to help reduce the cost of purchasing a home.

- Zero Origination Fee

- Zero Lender Fee

- $1000 Buyer Credit for 3rd Party Costs

- A competitive and low interest rate

This saves buyers an average of $5,200 and could attract more buyers to your listing.

7. Buy Before You Sell

Make a winning, all-cash offer. 

In the conventional home buying process, you need to sell your current home so you can purchase your next one. This leads to rushed decisions and unnecessary stress. Not anymore. 

Homeward has designed a calmer, more convenient process and you get the cash you need to buy before you sell so you stay in control.

8. Skip the Stress of Selling with a Cash Offer

With most iBuyers and Cash Offer programs, you’re on your own to negotiate, and it can be difficult to determine the actual net proceeds you’ll earn from selling your house.

Keller Offers is different. I can help you through the selling process and empower you with knowledge about your options.

8. Ready to Sell Program

Get your home prepped for sale without the hassle or any out-of-pocket costs with a service provider.

10. Our Guarantee

Bi-weekly communication keeps you in the know. 

We’ll update you on showings and provide feedback from buyers.

You’ll have suggestions and recommendations for keeping your sale on target

Neighborhood market changes automatically delivered to your email.

Showing follow up – continued follow up with agents who previously showed the property to help overcome objections.

11. Making MLS Proactive and Not Reactive

  • You could be just 1 of over 300 homes added weekly

  • We pinpoint agents with buyers who match your home 

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